Welcome to Rusty’s Room, better known as the YogiDog Blog.

The past year has been enjoyable getting to know Pete’swonderful sons, Jesse and Joey. Of course, I can’t leave out Rusty and Jake(the golden retrievers also known as the Wooly Boys). For you see, they are myteachers. By simply observing them interact with others and going about theirdays has been eye opening to say the least.


I believe that dogs tell you things if you are willing to listen.Because I tend to gravitate toward dogs, I often watch Rusty. One day itoccurred to me that he is a yogi in disguise. His expressive eyes tell you whatis going thru his mind. He lives in the moment, loves unconditionally,definitely eats his food like a yogi (slowly, chewing and savoring each morsel,only eating just enough), the way his loving eyes look into yours, his gentlebut firm warning sign to Jake when he’s had enough playtime; thus, this is how theterm YogiDog came into existence. And Rusty is THE YogiDog.



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